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Sam Worman
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My name is Sam Worman.
I am 35 years old and I have been skateboarding for 28 years.
I am the owner of dream city skateboards a company that I founded about one year ago.
It is a company the dedicated on helping young skaters reach their full potential En get back to the community as well.
Through dream city skateboards I'm able to help mentor young kids and help them with the opportunities such as product guidance filming so they can achieve their goal or their dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder.

My involvement with dream city is the founder team manager filler production manager and everything else. I wear a lot of hats in order to get things done but I love to do it so it's not a problem.
Dream city is basely pure on the love for skateboarding and having fun. Right now dream city is growing through social media and word-of-mouth we are selling products in stores in the local Los Angeles area and on the Internet. Dream city sells a wide variety of hard goods and soft goods such as skateboards skateboard wheels T-shirts sweatshirts hats etc.
We currently sponsor guys from the Los Angeles orange county area and international riders from Japan and Peru with a lot a potential to move towards a future.

skate columnSam Worman
1回目 2016/12/21 Part1
2回目 2017/1/6 Part2

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