February 18-20, 2020 
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How to apply

1. Apply to exhibit

We will send you all necessary documents after reviewing your application form. If you haven't received a confirmation e-mail over a week after submitting your application form, please let us know immediately.

As applying for INTERSTYLE, the organizer reviews based on the application form. The organizer reserves the right to determine whether the exhibitor is eligible to participate in the exhibition in order to keep the character of the exhibition.
*New exhibitors need to send us your company details and catalogs of the products that will be exhibited at the show.

2. Payment (Full Pre-Payment)

After receiving your application form, we will issue an invoice, and please make a payment as following designated bank account by the date of the invoice issued.


Swift Code: SMBCJPJT
Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Branch: Koishikawa Branch
A/C NO: An Ordinary Deposit 813-3693238
Payee name: INTERSTYLE Co.,Ltd.

3. Application Deadline

October 18th, 2019 Early application discount deadline (10% discount)
November 15th, 2019 [1st] Application deadline
January 17th, 2020 [2nd] Application deadline
  • - Your information may not be published on printed matters after applying the deadline of the application period.
  • - Due to limited exhibition hall space, booths are to be arranged on a first-come-first served basis.
  • - We may stop accepting applications when we have reached the scheduled number of exhibitors, even before the deadline.


1. Alcohol

During the exhibition, serving or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited, except for display or sample of products with the specific permission of the organizer.

2. Skateboard Riding

Skateboarding the aisle in the venue, streets in the vicinity are strictly prohibited. Please skateboard in a designated area (e.g. Skate Park) Students under the age 15 are not allowed to enter the skate park from 10:00 to 15:00.

3. Noise and Sound

Exhibitors may use sound equipment in the booth as long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Any sound that exceeds 60 phon measured at the edge of an exhibitor’s booth is considered objectionable and will not be allowed.
Amplifier : - up to 50W
Speaker : - up to 6Ω45W class (BOSE 101, etc.)

4. Disposal of waste

  • 1. Any industrial waste such as curing sheets or packaging material are prohibited to bring into the hall.
  • 2. Any waste and packaging material accumulated by the exhibitor must be completely disposed of by the exhibitor. Any waste remaining at the booth after dismantling will be removed by the organizer and is subject to a charge. The fees incurred will be invoiced to those responsible for the waste.

5. Additional rules & regulations

  • - The exhibitor shall keep his area for exhibition and other activities within his booth space, and shall not occupy the corridor.
  • - Smoking is not allowed in the hall except in the designated smoking room.
  • - Parking at public road is not allowed including the road in front of the entrance hall.

Booth height limitations

The maximum height for booths and decorations is 2.7m. If you have any display items that are higher than 2.7m, please contact to the organizer in advance. If you apply for over 6 booths, the maximum height for boots and decorations can be up to 5.5m. However, such decoration is situated at least 1.0m away from wall of neighboring booths and aisles.

Prohibition of Direct sales

Direct sales to visitors are prohibited during the show. Magazines, books, newspapers, DVDs published for development of the industries or exhibitor’s broachers and novelties are excepted.


The exhibitor is strictly forbidden to sublet or otherwise share your space or booth to or with any third party. Any exhibitor found to be in breach of this sub-letting prohibition will be asked to immediately remove all illegitimate materials and exhibits from its space or booth at its own expenses.

Joint Exhibitors

  • 1. Joint exhibitors will be considered and listed as one exhibitor in all printed materials and other media related to the exhibition.
  • 2. The discount of exhibition fees will be applied to one exhibitor.
  • 3. The organizer basically does not accept joint exhibitors unless having capital relations in business.

Limitation of Exhibits

The organizer reserves the right to prohibit the showing of items or booths when other exhibitors or any related organizations claim to suspend for the exhibit. In this case, the exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund of exhibit fees or any other cost incurred by the exhibitor.

Regulation of Exhibits

Exhibitors display products or services filled in the application form. Exhibitors submit to the organizer 1 month before when changing or adding display items.
Any products or services contrary to laws, rules, regulations are prohibited to exhibit. Any disputes concerning the intellectual property rights of exhibited products shall be resolved between the parties concerned. Strictly prohibited showing items which are not applicable to the terms below.

  • 1. Products manufactured and sold by exhibitors.
  • 2. Products distributed by exhibitors
  • 3. Products approved for showing in the exhibition
  • *If the organizer finds any exhibits contradicting the regulation, it reserves the right to remove not only said items also booths. The organizer will not refund exhibition fees.


  • 1. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to maintain insurance against injury, property damage, theft, fire, and any other forms of property loss.
  • 2. Exhibitors are responsible for their equipment and property during the exhibition.
  • 3. Exhibitors shall immediately compensate the organizer for any damage to structures and equipment within and around the exhibition site that resulted from the action of the exhibitor or its parties concerned.

Compensation for Damage

If the duration of the exhibition is shortened by a force majeure after INTERSTYLE is commenced, the association shall not be held liable to refund either full or partial exhibition expenses.
In the event the organizer concluded that it is difficult or impossible to hold the exhibition due to natural disaster or other force majeure event, the organizer may decide to postpone or suspend the exhibition.
If the exhibition is cancelled, the exhibition fee will be refunded to each exhibitor after deducting costs incurred. Other than such refund, no other compensation will be provided by the organizer.

Cancellation or reduction of space

Notice of cancellation of allocated booth space must be given to the organizer in writing with sufficient reasons.

  • 1. The exhibitors are able to cancel or reduce space before November 15, 2019 without any charges.
  • 2. Cancellations received after November 16, 2019 will be liable to a charge of 50% of the total charge for the booths.
  • 3. Cancellations received after January 1, 2020 will be liable to a charge of 75% of the total charge for the booths.
  • 4. Exhibitors will be liable to pay a full charge for the booths space if notice of cancellation is received after January 18, 2020
  • - In the event of cancellation, exhibitors shall not be permitted to use the booth space, and the organizer shall reserve the right to use the space in appropriate way.
  • - The organizer will refund a certain amount if exhibitors have made an overpayment.

Obtaining a Visa

An overseas exhibitor shall take responsibility to follow the procedures for obtaining a Visa.
The organizer shall not issue an invitation letter and a letter of guarantee according to the format designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for any exhibitors.
In case of cancelation due to Visa denial, exhibitors will be liable to pay charges following the regulations.


Other prohibited activities and regulations that are not included in these regulations will be detailed in the Exhibition Manual that will be distributed later.

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